The topics of discussion come from the fields of health, social protection, education and juvenile justice. The presentations will be organized through plenary lectures, round tables, workshops and panels.

It is our pleasure to present the role of psychotherapy through primary, secondary and tertiary prevention in the achieving of the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents through through three main topics as:

A. Mental health of children and adolescents
Mental health of children and adolescents
Early child development and neuroscience
Psychopathological deviations in children and adolescents

B. Specifics therapeutic approach in various problems and challenges of growing up of children and adolescents in the new millennium
Juvenile justice
The role of families, schools and institutions
Child abuse, neglect and alienation
Gender based violence
Growing Up Online
Refugee crisis, war and transgenerational trauma
Innovative approach and challenges of working with children of the new millennium
Psychopathology, Pharmacotherapy, Psychodiagnostics and Research
Loss and grieving

C. Psychotherapeutic approach to treatment of children and adolescents - workshops
Education from Child and Adolescent Integrative Psychotherapy - Promotional Symposium
Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Play therapy
Integrative therapy
Trauma focus therapy
Gestalt therapy
Transactional analysis
Therapy with dogs
Music Therapy
Art Therapy